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Check out these healthy foods for kids images:

our little feast: broccolli-cheddar quiche, sweet potato muffin and broccolli sprouts
healthy foods for kids
Image by brklynchou

Monday Morning Breakfast
healthy foods for kids
Image by Anita & Greg
I think this may be the longest stretch of me eating a solid breakfast! Thanks to Kellog’s drive for kids.

From the Kellog’s website—Through Kellog’s partnership with Action for Healthy Kids, they hope to help share one million breakfasts by the beginning of the 2011–2012 school year.

Thanks Layla & Pip for bringing this to our attention.

The colors are a little funky saturated too much. But this was a yummy combo of a fresh peach, vanilla yogurt and LaBrea’s Granola.
A really old bouquet of flowers that I’ve been nursing along.

Penne with Spicy Sausage
healthy foods for kids
Image by MookieLuv
Delicious and simple. It took over 13 years of living in Portland to finally make it to La Buca. For some reason I had always thought it was a super expensive restaurant, and always seemed overcrowded with endless lines of people waiting.

It turns out the menu is pretty affordable and there is no wait if you get before 5:30pm, which is easy to make if you have a child. They also have a great children’s menu with healthy choices instead of the usual plain cheese pizza slice kind of thing.

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